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We turn fresh tomatoes, jalapeños, onions, and spices into a masterful blend of authentic flavors. Our premium, all-natural salsas are made with vine-ripened tomatoes, freshly cut vegetables, and the right blend of spices to bring a full flavor that is enjoyable to the taste buds. Our full range of salsas are designed to fit everyone’s taste buds, from kids who don’t like it too spicy, to those that like the robust flavor of jalapeños.

Thin and Crispy Chips

Our tortilla chips are made with 100%, whole-grain, white corn and are made with absolutely no preservatives. We slowly cook the corn to perfection and then stone grind it with perfectly chiseled lava rocks. We then bake the tortillas and quick fry them in cottonseed oil. We then lightly dust our chips with salt or our special blend of spices that was created in the 1920s to give our chips a unique and memorable flavor.

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